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Secure Token Offerings Made Simple

Welcome to SAFTP, the leading platform for secure token offerings based on the innovative SAFTP framework. We provide a reliable and streamlined process for token issuers to raise funds while ensuring compliance and investor protection. With SAFTP, you can unlock the full potential of your project while navigating the complexities of the crypto world.

The Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFTP) is a widely recognized framework that enables startups and projects to raise capital through token offerings. SAFTP offers a legal and regulatory compliant approach that bridges the gap between traditional securities laws and the emerging field of blockchain technology. It provides a structured and transparent path for token issuance, protecting both token issuers and investors.

Problem Statement:

Token Issuance Challenges and Regulatory Compliance

In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, one of the significant challenges faced by token issuers is conducting compliant and secure token offerings. Traditional fundraising methods, such as initial public offerings (IPOs) or crowdfunding, do not adequately fit the unique characteristics of blockchain-based projects. This gap led to the emergence of token offerings as an alternative means of raising capital.

However, token issuers often face regulatory hurdles and legal uncertainties when conducting token offerings. The lack of clear regulations and the evolving nature of the crypto space make it difficult for issuers to navigate the legal landscape. Non-compliance with regulations can lead to legal repercussions, damage to reputation, and even the suspension of token offerings.

Additionally, the security of funds and personal information is a paramount concern for token issuers and investors alike. The decentralized and pseudonymous nature of blockchain technology creates opportunities for fraudulent activities, hacking, and unauthorized access to sensitive data. This poses a significant risk to both token issuers and investors.

How SAFTP Solves the Problem

SAFTP (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) addresses the challenges faced by token issuers by providing a structured and compliant framework for conducting token offerings. It bridges the gap between traditional securities laws and the innovative world of blockchain technology.

Token Issuance

SAFTP simplifies the token issuance process by providing a streamlined platform. Token issuers can create and manage their SAFTP-based tokens through an intuitive interface. This process ensures transparency, security, and compliance with relevant regulations.


SAFTP offers comprehensive investor management tools. Token issuers can effectively communicate with their investor base, verify investor credentials, and ensure compliance with investor accreditation requirements. This feature promotes a transparent and organized investment ecosystem.

Legal Compliance

SAFTP understands the importance of adhering to regulatory requirements. The platform provides guidance and support to token issuers, assisting them in navigating the legal landscape. By offering compliance tools and guidelines, SAFTP ensures that token offerings are conducted in compliance with applicable regulations.

Integration with
Smart Contracts:

SAFTP seamlessly integrates with smart contract technology. This integration automates the execution of agreements, ensuring a transparent and efficient process. Smart contracts enable secure and automated token distribution, reducing manual errors and enhancing trust among participants.


SAFTP prioritizes the security of funds and personal information. The platform implements robust security measures, including encryption, multi-factor authentication, and advanced security protocols. These measures safeguard assets, protect sensitive data, and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or fraudulent activities.


SAFTP provides dedicated support from a team of experienced professionals. They are available to assist token issuers at every step of the token offering journey. Whether it's technical guidance, legal expertise, or general assistance, the SAFTP team is committed to providing top-notch customer support.

Why Choose SAFTP?


Regulatory Compliance:

SAFTP ensures that your token offering adheres to regulatory requirements. By following the SAFTP framework, you can navigate the complex legal landscape with confidence, mitigating the risk of legal complications and regulatory backlash.



SAFTP prioritizes the protection of investors. By implementing investor accreditation requirements, SAFTP helps verify the eligibility and knowledge of investors, fostering a more secure investment environment and reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.



SAFTP takes the security of your funds and personal information seriously. The platform incorporates robust security measures, such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and advanced security protocols, to safeguard your assets and protect against unauthorized access or data breaches.


User-Friendly Interface:

SAFTP offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the token offering process. Even users with limited technical expertise can navigate the platform easily, creating a seamless experience from token creation to distribution.


Smart Contract Integration:

SAFTP seamlessly integrates with smart contract technology. This integration automates the execution of agreements and ensures transparent and efficient token distribution. By leveraging smart contracts, SAFTP minimizes the potential for human error and enhances trust among participants.


Comprehensive Investor Management

SAFTP provides comprehensive tools for managing your investor base. You can communicate with investors, verify their credentials, and ensure compliance with investor accreditation requirements. This feature streamlines the investor management process and promotes transparency.



SAFTP offers dedicated support from a team of experienced professionals. Whether you need technical assistance, guidance on legal compliance, or general inquiries, the SAFTP team is committed to providing you with the necessary expertise and support throughout your token offering journey.



SAFTP is a trusted name in the crypto community. By choosing SAFTP, you align your project with a recognized and respected platform that has already facilitated successful token offerings. This association can enhance the credibility and reputation of your project among investors and industry stakeholders.

Policy Benefits of


Fostering Investor and Consumer Protection, Promoting Innovation, and Retaining Intellectual Capital

At SAFTP, our framework aims to ensure the appropriate application of laws in token sale transactions, aligning investor protection and consumer protection based on the stages of development. When developers sell SAFTPs to investors, the security laws come into play, safeguarding investor interests. However, once tokens are distributed and the network is functional, the risks that investor protection laws mitigate diminish significantly. Instead, broader consumer protection laws should apply, providing the right safeguards for product-related risks.

Our approach effectively balances investor protection and capital formation, allowing accredited investors to bear investment-related risks tied to growing enterprises, while enabling widespread public purchase when tokens primarily present product-related risks. By harmonizing these dual mandates, we optimize innovation opportunities and minimize suppressive effects on entrepreneurship.

An additional advantage of the SAFTP framework is its alignment with market realities. It acknowledges that token presales rarely involve raising substantial funds from the public within minutes. Developers typically spend months engaging professional investors and generating interest before public sales. Embracing the SAFTP framework would not require the industry to abandon its core values.

The SAFTP (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) framework is a compliant approach for token sales in the blockchain industry. It addresses the legal challenges associated with selling tokens, particularly in pre-functional stages. The SAFTP involves developers selling SAFTPs to accredited investors, who fund the development of a functional network. Once the network is operational, the developers deliver utility tokens to the investors. The SAFTP is considered a security and complies with securities laws, while the resulting tokens, being already functional, do not necessarily qualify as securities. This framework aims to balance investor protection and innovation in the token economy.

The SAFTP Transaction:

A Step-by-Step Overview

Step 1: Developers publish a whitepaper, incorporate Developers Inc., and secure commitments from accredited investors. They engage in marketing, public discourse, and peer review of the whitepaper, adhering to Rule 506(c) of the Securities Act.

Step 2: Developers enter into a SAFTP agreement with accredited investors, relying on Rule 506(c), and receive $15 million in funds. They file a Form D with the SEC, disclosing the sale.

Step 3: Developers Inc. utilizes the proceeds from the SAFTP sale to develop the network, covering expenses such as rent, utilities, and software engineering, with the goal of creating a genuinely functional product.

Step 4: Developers Inc. launches the network, delivers tokens to investors, and extinguishes their rights in the SAFTP. Investors gain liquidity, and developers can sell functional tokens directly to the public. The SAFTP framework ensures compliance with securities laws and mitigates risks associated with public token sales.

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