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SAFTPs are Simple Agreements for Future Tokens, which are investment contracts representing the right to receive tokens in the future once the network is fully operational.


The SAFTP framework is designed to provide a legal and compliant approach for conducting token sales in the blockchain industry.

Accredited Investors:

SAFTPs are sold to accredited investors, who provide funds to developers to support network development and launch.

Securities Compliance:

SAFTPs are considered securities and are subject to compliance with securities laws and regulations to ensure investor protection.

Utility Tokens:

The tokens delivered to investors after network functionality is achieved are generally classified as utility tokens or consumptive products, rather than securities.

Fundraising Phase:

SAFTP issuance occurs during the fundraising phase, allowing developers to raise capital from accredited investors while complying with securities laws.

Operational Phase:

Once the network is functional, tokens are distributed to the public, providing liquidity and promoting network growth.

Balance Between Protection and Innovation:

The SAFTP framework aims to strike a balance between investor protection and innovation in the evolving regulatory landscape of token sales.

Frequently Asked Question:

The SAFTP project is an initiative aimed at developing and promoting the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFTP) framework. It serves as a forum for discussion and collaboration to establish a compliant and standardized approach for conducting token sales in the blockchain industry.
The SAFTP framework is designed to address the legal and regulatory challenges associated with token sales. It provides a structured investment contract (SAFTP) that ensures compliance with securities laws while allowing for the distribution of utility tokens once the network is fully functional.
SAFTP offerings are typically limited to accredited investors who meet specific financial criteria. These investors contribute funds to developers in exchange for SAFTPs, which represent their future entitlement to tokens once the network is operational. Accredited investors play a crucial role in supporting network development.
For token issuers, the SAFTP framework offers a compliant and legally sound approach to raise capital from accredited investors, providing funding for network development. It helps mitigate the risks of non-compliance with securities laws. For investors, SAFTPs provide an opportunity to invest in promising projects and potentially realize returns when the network launches and tokens gain utility and value.

How is SAFTP model different from others?

The SAFTP (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) model differs from other token sale models in several ways:

Compliance with Securities Laws:

The SAFTP model prioritizes compliance with securities laws by structuring the token sale as an investment contract. This approach helps navigate the regulatory landscape and provides clarity to both issuers and investors regarding their obligations and rights.

Focus on Accredited Investors:

SAFTP offerings primarily target accredited investors who meet specific financial criteria. By limiting participation to accredited investors, the SAFTP model seeks to ensure that investors possess the necessary knowledge and resources to understand the risks associated with their investment.

Future Token Delivery:

In the SAFTP model, investors purchase SAFTPs that represent their future entitlement to tokens once the underlying network is fully functional. This approach allows developers to raise capital upfront while delivering tokens to investors at a later stage, aligning with the development timeline of the project.

Emphasis on Network Development:

SAFTP offerings aim to fund the development of a functional network with genuinely useful utility tokens. This focus on network development and functionality helps differentiate SAFTPs from speculative token sales and emphasizes the importance of delivering value to token holders.